It's okay to grieve, we're here to help.

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Supporters like you make it possible for Atlanta's grieving children to attend Kate’s Club programs at no cost to their families. 


We are 100% philanthropically funded, so we are extremely grateful for our donors and partners.

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Grieving children and their families can find comfort in social and therapeutic programming along with other children and families in similar situations.

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" I want nothing but the best for my kids. I realized that I can't protect them from all hurt, but at Kate's Club they can express their hurt and sorrow and be comforted by a devoted loving place where it's okay to cry or miss their loved one. "


" I was 6 years old when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Six years old and the only thing I knew about cancer what that it started with a 'k'. "


" Everyone you meet understands what you're going through without speaking a single word. Thank you Kate's Club "


" My involvement with a bereavement camp led me to discover spiritual healing by brining me comfort amongst others who had experienced loss. I was able to feel and see the benefit of brining peers together that shared this experience. I became aware of the vital element of support that I did not have as a child, and the need to bring it to children during the most influential time in their young life."